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You must try your best to follow our food plan, make the weigh ins and exercise at least twice a week...

These can be done at home, gym or at one of our classes. Both home and gym workouts are provided online along with a video library of each exercise. The workouts can be performed to your own fitness level and therefore are suitable for complete beginners.

You are to log your calorie expenditure and workouts each day online, notebook, my fitness pal or in a food diary.

You then complete a weekly progression log (This is your weekly weigh in). Each weekly log will be assessed and changes will be made where required.

Your instructors are here to help you and are contactable for all elements of the plan.

Please note: If you are intending to cheat or be dishonest about your diet plan and workouts, you are only setting yourself up to fail,

and this plan is not for you.

For further information, please visit the FAQ page.

where did it start?

Lean Queens started off at KW Fitness in the Hope Valley, Derbyshire in September 2016.

We started off with a 12 week program and came out with some amazing results - our 15 ladies who signed up lost a total of  190 lbs and 170 inches between them!


After lots of positive feedback we decided to bring the duration of Lean Queens down to 6 weeks and limit the number of participants to a maximum of ten. The second group of Lean Queens lost a total of 72 lbs and 53 inches!

Because of the success and positive feedback from our original Lean Queens we have now expanded our business venture to LEAN QUEENS ONLINE.  

We will still be running courses throughout the year at the Earles Club. 

Team F.I.T


Fitness Qualifications...

I have always had alot of enthusiasm about health and fitness.

I joined the territorial army back in 2010 and have always been up

for a challenge.

Here is what i have achieved so far


I have taken my level 2 and 3 Anatomy and Physiology.

Level 2 and 3 Fitness Instructing and Personal Training.

Level 3 Mat based Pilates.

Level 3 Exercise Referral.

Adaptive Exercise for older and ante and post natal Clients.

Level 3 Exercise to music.

Indoor Studio Cycling.

Level 3 Diploma in Management.

NVQ Tutor and assessor.

Zumba Instructor, Insanity, Metafit and Body Conditioning.

Owner of Lean Queens.

I am also fully insured and have First Aid.

You also might of seen me on Ninja Warrior 2016!

Miss Galaxy Universe... 3rd Beach Body!


Next Top Fitness Model... 1st Place


UkUP British National Finals...4th Place.

Why did I start Lean Queens?

When I decided to start competing in body building competitions I didn't think the nutrition side would be that difficult...the typical eat less, go for fat free alternatives. eat lot's of fruit etc.

Just follow the knowledge I have learnt from school, the government guidelines and my level three nutrition.

I was so confused during my first "Cut". I did not know what was right. I would listen and take advice from other bodybuilders but then to be told the opposite. I was so confused.

This is what is happening now, to you.  "Try this diet shake, try this, try that".

Over the five years I competed for, I learnt twice as much as the 16 years I studied for!

I want to share my knowledge to other people struggling to understand why they cannot lose weight or why they are always tired and have no energy.

Lean Queens is a simple lifestyle change that is suitable for everyone. It is also a lesson on nutrition. How to make clean healthy recipes for all the family.

In some cases we even increase your daily calorie intake!





Lean Queens 6 week program

LOSS: 13.25lbs 

INCHES: 10.5


Started Lean Queens in

September 2017

LOSS: 46lbs

(& Still counting)!


Lean Queens 6 week program

LOSS: 10.75lbs



Lean Queens 6 weeks program

LOSS: 14lbs


Started Lean Queens in

January 2017

LOSS: 23.5lbs

(& Still counting)!


Lean Queens 6 weeks program

LOSS: 12.25lbs 




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