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Lean Queens consists of two simple components - healthy eating and exercise. You will be guided by your instructors. They will give you all the help and advice required to ensure you reach your goal. They are friendly, approachable and ready for contact whenever you need that extra help.

when can I come to be weighed and measured?

If you can't make any of the weigh ins at the Earles club then you can chose to do this your self at home.

The times and days are normally before or after a class when one of the instructors is at the club... which is most days, morning and night! Please tell us your preference on registration.


Yes! Absolutely -  and you will be encouraged to do so!! You can mix and match our home and gym workouts along with your own classes, workout programs and recreational activities. The important thing is that you be honest about these and log them in your daily diary. If you have done your own workout or amended one of those we have provided - let us know what you have done!

when do i need to sign up by?

Please see new course dates on the home page.

do I have  to exercise?

No! But including exercise will achieve results a lot faster. It is also healthier for you both mentally and physically.

I can’t exercise at the moment, will the program still work for me?

The majority of the results from the program come from the diet element. This alone is probably responsible for 80/85% of the results. Therefore the exercise element is responsible for 15/20%, so if for personal or health reasons you cannot exercise please don’t let it stop you from signing up for the program. You will still reap huge rewards and benefits from just following the food element alone.

Can I do the Lean Queens program and still cook meals that the whole family can eat?

Yes  - you can cook make meals and snacks that the whole family can enjoy!

Is the programme suitable for both men and women?

Yes! Both men and women have regularly participated in the programme and have  had amazing results.

Why is the programme 6 weeks?

Did you know that your taste buds regenerate every 10-21 days? If we can cleanse your palate with 'clean', sugar-free foods for 21 days, your new taste buds will not be craving those sweeter tasting, creamy and processed food. So your sweet cravings should naturally subside.

Can I do the programme if I have Type 1 or 2 diabetes?

A number of clients have participated in the plan that have either type 1 or 2 diabetes and although we cannot, of course, cure these conditions, we have seen many cases of improvements in the underlying effects. There is NO single universal diabetes diet. It is important to always review how you are feeling and how your body has reacted to the dietary structure and therefore you would need to keep in close contact with Kerrie and Sarah. However, because people with diabetes need to monitor their blood sugar levels or they could suffer adverse health effects and complications this is not something the girls are able to do through support. This will need to be carried out as often as required in your case by your doctor. Please note that it is essential PRIOR to signing up to the Lean Queens programme that it is discussed fully with your GP and that we have received written consent and authority confirming they are happy for you to undertake the programme.

I am pregnant / breastfeeding can I still do the programme?

It is not advisable to make fundamental changes to your diet whilst pregnant or breastfeeding, therefore we wouldn’t recommend signing up for the programme at this time.

Can I drink tea and coffee?

Yes! - Also herbal, fruit and green teas are allowed. Please limit the amount of milk you have, no lattes etc allowed.

I am Vegetarian, Will the programme be suitable for me?

Absolutely! The diet plan can be adjusted to your individual eating preferences.

I’m a Vegan is the programme suitable for me?

Unfortunately we use a lot of meat alternatives and eggs with the vegetarian plan makes it unsuitable as the protein sources that we can provide in the meals would be too limited.

When do I sign up?

Sign up now via the homepage! A registration form and payment must be received for your plan to commence.  The registration form must be fully completed for us to email you your personalized welcome pack.

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