Race Fit Program - Block 2

  • 4Weeks
  • 24Steps


**Calling all MX, MTB & BMX Riders** -4 Week block training program covering all aspects of fitness. - 2 x Gym Strength & Conditioning workouts - 3 x Live zoom sessions a week. - Suitable for complete beginners to advanced racers. - Suitable for anyone wanting to gain fitness, loose weight, improve on balance, endurance and race fitness. - Extra YouTube links to mobility classes £50 one off or £40 DD - Cancel any time! Who is my Coach? Name: Kieron McAvoy Experience: - World No 3 BMX - European No 7 UCI Fourcross - Competes in Expert British Motorcross, Enduro & Sprints. - 1st Place Arnolds middleground Crossfit Games UK - Invite to the Hyrox world championships in Las Vagus. - Level 3 Personal Trainer - Level 1 & 2 British Weight Lifting - Coaching 1-1 available.

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